Friday, March 30, 2012

Foundry Cycles Tradesman/woman Contest

Well, I am happy to report that I received and email from Foundry Cycles ( telling me that I am a semi-finalist in the Foundry Tradesman/woman search! I can't describe how great I feel and what an awesome opportunity this could be! I am 1 of 6 in my region (Southeast USA) to be chosen. They will have the top 3 from each of 5 regions chosen bios etc posted on their website by April 5th. If I make it that far, that's when the sweating starts! Starting April 5th, public voting will begin on their website. I'm really hoping I have what it takes to make the top 3 and then eventually win the spot for the Southeast region! This is an incredible opportunity and I really hope I get to be a part of it. I would love every second of being a brand ambassador for a company that really seems to have their stuff together. A little history of Foundry: Foundry Cycles is a new brand of carbon fiber bikes (they offer a road, cross, and 29er hardtail) stemming from Quality Bicycle Products. They are based out of Bloomington, Minnesota. The idea behind the brand is to offer high-quality, dependable bikes that are hard working and purpose-built for people who ride hard. They are not developing these bikes to be in a low price bracket. Lower price tags would mean cutting corners on manufacturing and/or sticking on cheaper components. That's not in Foundry's vision. They are offering a top notch product that they believe the consumer will view as a long-term investment. I think this is a great idea. Their 3 offerings are available in any long as it's black. Foundry looks at their products as being purpose-built tools and not a flashy advertisement. I like to think of them as the stealth bombers of the cycling world. Have I gotten to experience them first-hand yet? No. So why am I writing about them and giving my point of view? I have done a lot of research on them. I've been into Mountain Biking and the Cycling scene since the early 1990's, so I feel I have a decent amount of experience with the industry. Also, I know what I like when I see it! I am going to sign off for now, but please remember to check their site on April 5th and put in a good word or vote for me! In the meantime, just head to their website and check out the lineup of precision cycling tools that they are offering!
The Auger (Cross Bike)
The Ratchet (Road Bike)

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