Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Thought: Pics of my Mustang

I just realized I talk about my 1988 Mustang GT in my profile. So here are some pics of it!

GSC #2

GSC #2
April 10, 2011
Lakeside Trails
West Point, GA

This time we had hot and dry weather. Since the weather was much nicer than the first race, we decided to camp. We hit the trails for a pre-ride on Saturday. The trail was fun, but very demanding. There were no places to really recover. It was constant pedaling. We tried to make it a good time though. My good friend Alex Cubbage decided he was going to do the series with me this year. Alex in an EXCELLENT rider when it comes to trials riding. So we made sure to bring our trials bikes along for the trip!

Race Rank: 10th out of 12
Overall Rank: 6th out of 16



Alex on the trials bike:

Race Day:

Professional Pics on the Course:

2011 GSC MTB Race Series

Well, I decided to do the Georgia State Championship Mountain Bike Race Series this year. I got my Airborne Zeppelin Elite built up nicely so I figured I should give the series a go this year.

GSC #1
March 26-27
Heritage Park
Farmington, GA

The weather was horrible! It was cold and basically underwater. We kept having constant storms with high winds, torrential rain, hail and lightning. The temps were in the 40's most of the time. We had an individual time trial on Saturday that got canceled because of the storms. We raced on Sunday in about the same conditions. I kept having to stop to clean the mud off of my glasses so I could see. Didn't do great, but I finished.

Race rank: 9th out of 10
Overall rank: 5th out of 11 with Time Trial points.


I will do the rest of the races as individual posts!